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Whispbar Roof Rack Review

22nd December 2014

Whispbar Roof Racks


Roof racks that add to a car’s appearance: now that takes one heck of a sleek design. Whispbar, introduced to the Australian and New Zealand market in 2006, stakes the claim of producing a completely whistle-free rack system. They come in a range of fitting options, including longer rails pictured seen here.

The bike racks fit to the crossbar using a quick-release type system with long aluminium levers that effortlessly engage the rack with its crossbar. This eliminates the tiresome and comparatively primitive ‘line-up’ and ‘slide-on’ installation process that has long been so prevalent over the years.

The WB200 may help the resurgence of fork-fixed racks as they have developed one that is ‘carbon drop-out friendly’. This rack has a built-in 15mm through-axle conversion so those who like going off-road can own one rack that works for two bikes.

A self-adjusting SmartHold clamp is the highlight of the WB201 (down tube-secured rack). It has a mechanism that automatically fits all down tube shapes and sizes and, crucially for carbon-fibre frames, applies appropriate pressure. For fun, ask a friend to use their arm to ‘feel what the bike feels’ when on your roof (we did)… whether you choose to lock the rack in this instance is up to you (we didn’t).

We were a little bit concerned about our own dexterity when testing out the down tube-clamping WB201. We thought that there may have been issues associated with the two-armed clamp getting in the way when lifting the bike onto the car’s roof. Because of this, we practised fitting our bikes to the rack when it was not yet installed. It proved fiddly at first, but we soon had bikes on and off the racks within seconds after a few attempts. After years of using other racks, habits are hard to break but a little practice goes a long way. These new-found skills when the racks were mounted to the car was a breeze so it is suggested that you have a few trial runs before installing them. If you want roof racks that are devoid of annoying whistles and look great, have a serious look at the Whispbar range. They are a little bit different, but if you are willing to try something new, you will be pleased with your purchase.


By Jack Lynch

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